Qualities of a Great Janitorial Service Company

Cleanliness is next to godliness. That is why hospitals, schools, and other organizations hire janitors to keep their premises clean. Janitorial services are normally outsourced because most of the cleaning services are standardized. Outsourcing janitorial services also make it easy for an organization to concentrate on its core area and leave the cleaning to the experts. There are several janitorial service companies out there; the problem is picking the best one. Here are a few qualities of a great janitorial service company that can help you in separating the wheat from the chaff.

Compliance with the Law

A great janitorial service company is one that obeys the laws of the land. It is one that has been registered and licensed to operate within a certain locality. Its recruitment policies adhere to the minimum requirements sets by the relevant authorities. Overall, greatness in business starts with being on the right side of the law at all times.


Specialist Services

On top of general cleaning services, a great janitorial service company should be able to offer specialist services such as crime scene cleaning and office cleaning. Because of the sensitivity of crime scenes, they are only cleaned by specialized cleaners who have been certified by the relevant authorities. Office cleaning also requires specialized janitors who are experienced in cleaning computers, office machines, and other sophisticated gadgets as well as watering potted plants in offices.

Provision of a Full Range Services

cleaning serviceThe main duties of janitors and janitresses are cleaning. They clean both indoors and outdoors in buildings. They sweep walkways, shovel snow and mow lawns. Experts at Bond Cleaning, an End of lease cleaners service provider argues that professional cleaners offers more than cleaning services. They also clean and restock bathrooms, mop, sweep, and polish flows, clean carpets, and rugs and collect litter. Those who work in schools raise and lower flags, clean and set up classrooms and meeting rooms, and empty recycling bins. Some hospitals may require janitors to help in the internal movement of people and equipment from one place to the other. A great janitorial service company is one that can offer other services such as maintenance and security on top of these standard cleaning services.

Use of the Newest Cleaning Technologies

A great janitorial services provider is one that keeps abreast of the latest technological developments in the cleaning industry. We are also in the global warming era where environmental friendliness is a real concern. A great janitorial service provider should, therefore, offer eco-friendly cleaning services.

Training and Development of Staff

The modern workplace changes swiftly and there is need to offer ongoing training and development of staff. Janitors and janitresses should be trained on the latest cleaning trends and the legal requirements of their jobs. They should also be trained on safety at the workplace. Indeed, as a rule, safety should always come first.


Last but not least, a good janitorial services company must show professionalism in every aspect of the word. Professionalism starts with the dress code and goes all the way to the quality and consistency of services rendered. For instance, if a certain janitor misses work due to sickness, he or she should be replaced by a standby janitor. At no point should a client lack janitors. Professionalism also entails charging reasonably for the services rendered and adhering the industry’s codes and standards.