Pros And Cons Of Prepaid Electricity And Gas

Today, prepayment meters are popular, and most people are using them for gas and electricity payment. It is a payment plan where the consumer pays for energy before using it. It is similar to prepaid mobile services where whenever your credit runs out you have to top up otherwise electricity and gas supply is cut off. Various companies are offering different kinds of prepayment meters. One of the meter options is the key type of meters. These meters come with electronically coded keys for a specific meter with your tariff information on it. Next is the smart card meters that download energy usage information and send it to the supplier whenever you make a top up. The other type of meters is the token type which is slowly dying out in some parts. It is worth noting that some prepayment meters use the card while others allow you buy tokens from your mobile wallet directly.

Pros of prepaid electricity and gas


Help in energy management

Prepaid electricity and gas is a good way to manage your energy consumption. When you make payment for energy that you can afford at a given time, you can limit the usage to allow it last longer.

Help you know when you misuse energy

These meters can tell you each time you misuse energy so that you come up with measures to reduce this. They make it easy for you to determine how energy efficient appliances are for you to make the necessary changes.

Save you from unexpected bills

With prepaid meters, you use only what you have paid for. This means you will not have any worries about bills when every month ends.

Tariff rates

With this type of payment, it is possible to take advantage of different tariff rates if you payment meters are compatible. This implies that you can determine the prices based on when you choose to use the energy.

Cons of prepaid electricity and gas

Most of the meters are single rate

Single rate means that you pay the same for gas and electricity regardless of the time of use. This can make this plan expensive as far as energy supply is concerned.

They can be inconveniencing

energyefficiencyleftsdfghjklWith prepaid meters, you have to be keen and have credit always to avoid energy disconnection unexpectedly. You, therefore, should have everything in to avoid disconnection when, for example, you are sick.

Prepaid meters have more advantages than disadvantages. It is, therefore, a good idea to consider installing prepaid meters at home. Most energy companies are phasing out old meters and embracing new meters that are user-friendly.