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Tour 2001

Novoe Russkoe Slovo (NY, 9.10.01) - will open in new window

TV (NY, 9.10.01) - will open in new window

COBA (NY, 9.05.01) - will open in new window

Photos in NY articles by Igor Aronov

MUSIC REVIEWS NXNW festival doubles as a travel guide by Scott D. Lewis, special to "The Oregonian"s

BXBW: Booze by Booze West by John Graham

Four Nights That Shook The World! by Zach Dundas


"AUKTYON" by Trey Hatch

"AUKTYON: Punk from St.Petersburg" by Sigrun Schober

"Die Gruppe Auktion"

Sigrun Schober

"AUKTYON": Punk from St.Petersburg

Anarchic and explosive. Plays with stereotypes, full of rage: on the stage a KGB general is dancing furiously, on his chest gleaming medals are plunk- ing crazily around. Next to him whirls the percussionist with his shaved head. reminding of a Buddhist monk. It's pure rebellion, absolute madness - it's the new underground from Rus- sia!

After all, AUKTYON isn't a band of amateurs, for the folks have been into their job now since the early sev- enties, played little pop songs in a teeny band called FEUILLETON and made their way into Petersburg's tusovka (I already mentioned it: it's the Russian music scene). All this started with their membership in one of the earliest joining togethers of young musicians and artists- the "Leningrad-Rock Club", where Boris Grebinchikov from AKVARIUM (one of the most famous alternative bands) started his career, as well. Here AUKTYON had its first gigs in 1983, but after some lineup changes, Leonid Fjodorov the leader and writer of most of the songs was able to boost the band and this time AUKTYON "re- turned" with its typical fascinating and powerful show. During a September in- terview in Petersburg, Oleg Garkusha, frontman and hysteric KGB general told me: "1 can not even explain to you our texts. Sometimes I write a joke," I read the lines to it in a big ad on a bus, but usually our texts have noth- ing in common with political crap. I don't care about that shit and I think mu- sic has nothing to do with it." In Sovjet times AUKTYON had to cope with all the usual difficulties of an alternative unusual band. Thousands of papers and official stamps were necessary to get the permis- sion for a gig. "Once the commission for cultural affairs censored our song "Money is Nothing but Paper" and we had to stop playing it. It was always amusing when they switched off the power during concerts and told us it was a technical defect." Soon AUKTYON became the real figurehead of glasnost and perestroyka and single- mindedly played songs against old fash- ioned social structures, never losing their connection to unique melodies that em- body the Russian soul.

Since 1989 the band toured successfully in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France for several times. Their punky and anarchic songs, bubbling with hypnotic craziness and the unique explosive shows open your mind for new ideas in punk music..

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