How to Survive Hours of Working at Home

Whether you are an employee with a lot of take-home work or you are a professional freelancer working on many projects from your room, you should be concerned with the amount of time you are allocating for your job. Being a workaholic is a superpower in some respect. But the goal is to produce the most output, not to get exhausted and drained and, needless to say, not to suffer from constant chronic back pain.

For professionals who spend their entire career behind the desk, back pain is the number one threat to productivity. It does not strike all at once, but the illness develops stealthily. Once a person gets diagnosed with spine disorders, such as Herniated Nucleus Pulposus (HNP) or sciatica, his/her body is going to change negatively forever. Spinal diseases will severely reduce your agility and movement.

To counter the adverse impact of prolonged sitting, here are several things you can do.

Investing in a workchair with spine support

Sitting causes pressure on the entire vertebrae, up to the neck and the shoulders. Professionally designed workchairs have features that can prevent injury from prolonged sitting. The main features are theProfessional_Chair-123 headrest, spine support, and seat pan. Some chairs have arms on them, which help you to distribute the weight of your shoulders down to the hands evenly on the arm pads.

Professional seats are exclusively cushioned to reduce the risk of getting chronic back pain. Most are made of memory foam, an impact absorbent that is effective to reduce pressure. When placed on the seat pan, memory foam absorbs the weight accumulated in the tailbone. As a result, the person sitting on the chair will have longer sitting endurance than others who do not use the same chair. When installed in the spine support, memory foam works similarly to the previous, but the targeted bone part is different.

Vertebrae have the exclusive curve that requires special structure. That said, the best option for your back would be an ergonomic office chair with lumbar support because it promotes quality material as well as the best design structure that follows the shape of the backbone.

Investing in a sit-and-stand desk

Sit-Stand-Adjustable-DeskWorking while standing might sound ridiculous in the past. But research after research has all concluded that sitting too much will kill us. Our body has evolved for thousands of years to accommodate mobility and movement. If not used as it is supposed to, then metabolism will get slow and inefficient. The results are obesity, stiff muscles, and weak bone structure.

With a sit-and-stand desk, you can shift between sitting down and standing up in one working session. The benefit is that you can burn more calories more when you are working while standing than working while sitting. This behavior also reduces the risk of having a heart attack.

Placing a treadmill in your office

Treadmill-workstationInvesting in a fitness machine is never a loss. With a discipline time schedule, working with hundreds of documents will not automatically mean you are losing your time for exercising.

Why don’t you try placing a treadmill near your desk, and walk on it for every 40 minutes of sitting? During the breaks, you can even do cardio and burn more calories.

Research on productivity has figured out that brains of physically active people are more efficient and quicker than the others who do not exercise.