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How to create a midcentury modern home décor

Just like the name suggests, the mid-century home decor is the design that was popular in the 1950s. However, today it is possible to incorporate a modern element in the design. The idea is to create a balance between the two designs and achieve the kind of look that you want to achieve. It is all about learning how to get pieces of both designs. A mid century design involves the use of art because the growth of art marked the period. Here are ways of creating a mid century modern home decor.

Tips on creating a mid century modern home decor

It’s all about wood

You cannot talk about a mid century design without talkingliving room about wood. Wood is the epitome of the mid century design.Wood will bring the rich design that is needed to achieve this design. To make the design interesting, you can combine the dark woods and light wood designs to diversify the design.

Incorporate art

The mid-century design is all about art. When it comes to creating a midcentury design, art should be part of everything including the furniture. For instance, when buying furniture pieces like tables, chairs, beds, and sofas make sure that art is also part of the design. The design should be sleek but still artistic at the same time so that you can achieve the desired concept.

Neutral colors

It is important to stick to neutral colors if you want to achieve a mid century design. When designing a mid century living room, incorporate the neutral colors like whites and creams. The idea is to create a laid-back look in the design. This design is all about creating a sophisticated but simple design. The design is confused with the minimalistic decor because of the use of neutral colors.

Unique pieces

When designing a mid century room, it is important to look for unique pieces that you might not find anywhere else. You can achieve this look by creating some DIY pieces. With DIY pieces, you might not find them in any other place. For instance, you create unique pendant lights, art pieces and other unique pieces in the home.

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Clean lines

A mid century design is about art, but you need to remember that you need to stick with clean lines for simplicity and elegance. The clean lines should be visible on the sofas and also the other types of furniture.