Asbestos Removal Tips That You Should Know

Asbestos should be handled with great caution since it has toxic properties and is carcinogenic. It is important to note that the asbestos is not a hazard when it is in good condition. The one that is hazardous is the one which is worn out since its fibers may flake and become airborne. Once it is airborne, it can be inhaled by both human beings and animals. This may end up causing diseases such as mesothelioma.

Due to the hazardous nature, when it comes to asbestos removal, one should hire a company that will handle the removal work for them. This is because the workers are well trained to handle such materials and even use of protective gear that is worn during handling of the material. The following are asbestos removal tips to ensure that one is protected from inhaling the asbestos fibers.


Restrict number of people

There should be a restricted number of people removing the asbestos or those entering the place where the work is being done. This will go a long way in ensuring that few people are exposed to the hazardous nature of the broken asbestos.


Wear protective gear

According to the Work Health and Safety regulations, those handling asbestos removal should wear protective gear. The protective gear is necessary to minimize the fiber particles being carried from the area after work. The workers usually use disposable overalls so that the fiber does not cling to the other re washable overalls and cause further damage. One should also wear a respirator to eliminate chances of inhaling the fibers. This calls for proper training on the use of the respirator for the workers of the company handling asbestos removal.

Wet the working area

The working area should be soaked properly before the removal work is commenced. This is necessary as it helps stop the fiber from becoming airborne hence inhaled by many. It is also a protective measure for the workers handling that.

Minimizing breakages

As said earlier, asbestos in its whole state is not hazardous. Once broken, it releases its fiber particles which can be easily inhaled by people and animals. During the removal process, the workers should ensure that they work carefully so that they do not break the fiber. For instance, instead of dropping the fiber down, they can lower the material until it reaches the ground. In case broken pieces are dropping down, some drop clothes can be put down so that these pieces fall on them.


Once the asbestos has been collected together, it is then placed in bags that are air and leak tight until when they will be disposed off safely.


After working

After all the work is over, the workers should get rid of the disposable aprons. They can then wash their bodies and even wash their tools thoroughly. Any other stuff used in cleaning should be disposed and never be reused.

One can check their local listing for companies that will handle asbestos removal for them. To be on the safe side, one should not handle asbestos removal by themselves.