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A Worthy Investment; Electric Dog Fences

There are those who would like to contain their dogs to a given space without interfering with neighborhood regulations can opt for an electric dog fence. Having a metallic or wooden fence around the yard might not appeal to everyone. Alternatively, the wireless dog fences save you the trouble of digging up your yard to lay the fences. They are simple to understand, portable and very reliable in functionality. You can set up a barrier around the swimming pool, garden or any other obstacle outdoors.

How does the electric fence work?

The wireless containment systems have two main parts: receiver and transmitter. At a suitable electric outlet, you will plug in the transmitter. On the other hand, the receiver goes at the dogs’ neck. The transmitter relays radio frequencies which can be adjusted to capture the distance of your signal in each space. If your canine goes past its designated perimeter, it receives a jolt of electric shock. This shock is neither painful nor traumatic; it can be likened to a splash of cold water. Ensure you clean the neck of your dog frequently to prevent any cases of irritation.

how they work

The electric charge

The charge generated is just enough to surprise the pet and halt its movement. However, it cannot result in damage or injury. The amount of electric charge the receiver delivers depends on the system set up. Usually, the receivers have instructions that guide on what command is suited for various weights. You can carry out some investigations to find out what charge is required to keep your animal confident and happy while remaining within the safety limits. Most dog lovers are worried when they hear the word shock. Critics argue that this method of containment is emotionally devastating to the animal. However, once you hold the collar at its boundary line, you will discover that it’s neither shocking nor painful. The best way to describe it from the dogs’ perspective is irritating.

Shock delivered

The device is equipped with several layers of correction. This refers to the amount of energy that delivers the deterrent shock. Those with stubborn, physical dogs will require more excitement than the custom correction levels.


Some versions have a backup battery. This might not be present in all animals. The battery back-up has excellent safety features. It is a feature worth having on your device.

Can you have more boundaries?

Most dog owners prefer using both types of fencing; the traditional and wireless. For instance, if you have set up a small tomato or carrot garden in your garden, you can prevent your dogs from digging around by having the gadget zone out that space. This can ensure your kids’ sandbox is not interfered with. To maintain the position of your dog, a wireless dog fence can help a lot.

the fence that is sold the most

Which fence is most suitable?

If you are only worried about the cost of containing your dogs, the cheapest option is the in-ground fence. They are less expensive than the electric fences. Unfortunately, they take time and effort to install. Also, they are not portable.